Stay Golden

Our long Golden Week is beginning to wind down and we are all coming to the realization that we must return to work and school on Tuesday. At the beginning of the exceptional bank holiday, we were all at loose ends, including the weather that was depressingly both cold and wet for the first few days. I read that a national survey found that 45% of people were frustrated with being forced to have so much time off. I now know that there is 45% of the population with whom I do not get along with.

I have used the days to both hang out with my kids, taking them hiking and clamming and making sweets and keeping them from killing each other, and to finish some projects that have been on the to-do list for too long. Sewing a commissioned dress from a kimono, putting together the short story booklet/zine ‘lunacy’, finishing a short story so I can begin illustrating it, and getting a better footing on my non-fiction novel. Oh, and revamping this website.

I am very much almost finished with ‘lunacy’ and look forward to shipping a stack of copies out when the post office reopens. I stencil-printed the covers and all I have left to do is to bind them and pack them. I really think that from now on, everything except the novel will be self-published. There is no way that a traditional publication would carry ‘lunacy’. Besides, bookmaking is fun. I got to write, illustrate, design, print, and bind everything which means the book is all the more intimate.

Today is Children’s Day so I am going to make cinnamon rolls then take my ragtag gang up Mt. Misen on Miyajima before lunchtime as my eldest has basketball practice. On a national holiday. Such blasphemy.