This past weekend, I had only Sunday off. I am not a fan of this schedule but it is how it works at my current school so I must go along with it because for the most part, this school is worth it. When I only have one day off, though, I tend to get a little panicky about my time on this planet. Or rather, I tend to get more panicky than usual about my time on this planet.

I am trying to overcome such anxiety with activity: taking photographs, writing, studying, playing with the kids, cooking, cleaning, riding my bike. You have to be careful not to overdo it but instead find a balance between doing and resting/reflecting/recharging.

Today, I am researching housing policies in Japan for this week’s essay. I also have to write a few cards for ‘Nara’, study Japanese, and go for a run AND buy breakfast for everyone. I wake at 3 am now but I am starting to think that 2:30 might be better. There is just too much to do before the kids wake and I have to face another work day.

I put up my little collection of stories in the shop. I am not in love with it but I needed to write it, to get it out of my system. The stories and poems are okay and become better when read together.

I am going to work on The Chibi Kitchen Podcast this week as well. That side project is purely for fun, a bit of Japanese cooking in a bit of a kitchen.
But now, back to my research.