This week has been a creative wash and I just have to allow it to be that way. Working more than thirteen hours yesterday, I rode home thinking of all the things I should be working on. I try not to dwell as that can lead to anxiety. All the same, here are some projects I am working on that will not be touched until this day is over:

  • making this new type of resin necklace using multiple ovals, chained together
  • sewing the pockets I cut out weeks ago
  • getting material and sewing the fanny packs that I found a pattern for
  • working on the first illustrations for My Lovely Nihon
  • finishing up the zines
  • painting a Miyajima scene for my parents
  • working on my book
  • making some nunozori from used yukata
  • and of course, though it is not a creative project necessarily, studying Japanese

Instead of coming home today, though, I must go out with my coworkers to celebrate making it through this overwhelming week. It will be interesting, I am sure, and it is rare that we hang out together outside of work.

We are in fundraising mode and I am trying to think of what I can make that will generate cash. I am not ashamed to admit that is my motivation for returning to resin, returning to cloth. We are going on our first vacation in years and I want to make sure we do it in style. As in, we can eat and pay our hotel bills and still have enough to eat and pay our bills when we get home.

After that, of course, we will be fundraising for our house because we need to move within the next few months. And after that, it will be paying for entrance fees to Sebastian’s high school and new school uniforms for both the oldest boys.

So please excuse me if I am hawking my goods for a while. It is just part of what I am about these days.