Behind me, on top of my bookshelf, the enormous beetle we bought for the kids is buzzing in its plastic case. It is not a usual kabuto mushi but a pair of atlas beetles we got on the cheap at the pet store. They are very fond of burying then digging out the log in their case, a noisy procedure that disturbs my dreams.

I met with my son’s juku instructor yesterday and was told that I need to pay 2000 bucks for him to attend a million lessons over the summer break. I politely hemmed and hawed and then told Sebastian upon exit that he will learn how to study at home. We’ll have to rearrange Jason’s studio so he can have a better (read: quiet) study space. Because he has to get into high school. He’s not looking at top level schools right now but the lower tier technical schools where he could study programming. The younger three are doing fine in school but Sebastian struggles so much that he really just wants to get through basic schooling then get a job. His main dream is an apartment of his own where he can set up a video game console and just muck around. Normalcy is his goal, a way of rebelling against the unconventionality of his family, I suppose.

The rainy season starts in earnest tomorrow. It is late coming and drought conditions have begun to develop so we are all a little concerned about what will unfold once the rain comes down. Last summer’s heat and landslides have left us traumatized.

One of my closest friends revealed that she is moving back to Florida to, I assume, work on her doctorate. One part of me wants to move back so we can finally be neighbors but the other part of me thinks, no, there is no life for me there. Better to just focus on what I am up to here.