Bought a new-to-me phone so now I have rejoined social media, at least on the weekends.

Tuesday, Tuesday, what can be said of you? Tuesday is the day when the community center is closed, when the bakery is closed. Tuesday is the only day I really wish the community center was open, wish for a curry pan or chocolate croissant from the bakery. The contradictions run deep and fast.

Made the appointments for our passport renewals in Osaka. Early in the morning on Jason’s birthday. We will arrive on the overnight bus, since with four people we are budget travellers. No shinkansen for us. The overnight bus saves us two hotel nights and thus gives us the funds to enjoy Nara and Nagoya, our former home. I know we will be happy to return to Hiroshima, to the wide city crisscrossed with rivers and streetcar tracks. This is home, right now, and home, as the man sang, is where I want to be.

I have to stop writing now to wash the dishes and make some fried rice. And to give my poor headache-plagued daughter the darkness of my room.