Yesterday, I spent the entire afternoon writing our trip itinerary. This is the very first time we have ever been so precise with our trip planning. It feels strange. I don’t like to travel like this, to know which train to take, to know precisely how much the admission fees will be and where we’ll eat dinner. But four kids and only four days to see three cities requires organization and foresight.

After all the work I have been doing to prepare for the trip combined with the housework and homework work I have put in during the last two weeks, I am actually looking forward to returning to work work. I was reading an article about the science fiction novelist Suzette Haden Elgin and how she invented a feminine language which included the term: “radíidin: non-holiday, a time allegedly a holiday but actually so much a burden because of work and preparations that it is a dreaded occasion…” . Now I have a precise word for it.

I did finish the video though it is more like a practice sketch than a finished animation. All the same, it was a nice reprieve from the cleaning and tutoring and planning.