Now he has again preceded me a little in parting from this strange world. This has no importance. For people like us who believe in physics, the separation between past, present and future has only the importance of an admittedly tenacious illusion.
Albert Einstein upon the death of his dear friend Michele Besso

When I learn that people are dying or have cut to the chase, I always feel a surge of resolve to live even harder, push even further. It may be that this is an illusion, that we are just one collective being, that we occur and reoccur, but does any of that reduce the need to live as fully and honestly as possible?

I feel very impatient right now, reminded of my mortality, of the strange world that we populate, we immortal creatures occupying mortal flesh.

I am also very homesick and I miss everyone who is not here, everyone who can and will perish without my presence or permission.

Dear Buddy, thanks for all your support and good cheer, for getting up despite all the sucker punches the world threw at you. You are woven into our greater narrative and your kindness and generosity will continue infinitely. Thank you and see you on the next go round, my friend.

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