The light is perfect right now in the evenings as I ride my bike home. It stays bright until a little after seven, undermining the power of clocks. Block after block, the smells of night rising, of summer rising: curry and garlic, incense, roses and jasmine. I have been too busy at night with a project to get up early and write. It is a short-term schedule change and one I believe will be fruitful. Staying up at night is now a little exhilarating, along with the strange reality of waking up at five-thirty instead of three, the insistent sunlight…


The defeat of an incomplete to-do list.Damn you, time, with your minutes and hours. I have too much to do to listen to the ticking of a clock. Reminding myself that there will be more minutes and hours does not soothe the pacing beast of creativity, a caged tiger floating on a sea of blood. Blood, blood, everywhere, and not a drop to drink…I am tired and my words are ornery. I will sleep and get through a Monday of lesson plans and health checks and all the nonsense that goes along with winding up yet another week.


A full weekend this week. My hands are flecked with dry clay. Later, downtown for some supplies. For the first time in years, I am making some moulds and pouring some resin. For the first time in years, I am sewing. For the first time in forever, I am making things without worrying about what I am making. This round of production has a good purpose and that is enough to get me rolling.


Behind the ward office on the way to work and then again on the evening return home, a collective of swallows are building nests. They fly between the buildings and swoop down to the street in a swarm. They are masterful pilots, dive-bombing and pulling up at the last second, twisting and turning. Soon they will have gaping mouths to feed but until then, they dance and sing.


This past weekend, I had only Sunday off. I am not a fan of this schedule but it is how it works at my current school so I must go along with it because for the most part, this school is worth it. When I only have one day off, though, I tend to get a little panicky about my time on this planet. Or rather, I tend to get more panicky than usual about my time on this planet. I am trying to overcome such anxiety with activity: taking photographs, writing, studying, playing with the kids, cooking, cleaning, riding…