All writers will tell you that it is impossible to write without reading, without being immersed in the language, wrapped up with imagery and submerged in syntax. I stumbled onto this truth out of desperation, always having been too stubborn to take advice from others. And I am so glad to have arrived here, in the reading world again.


Silence is a learned behavior, explicitly taught. A lot of classroom time is spent striving towards complete silence. Do not speak, do not tap your feet, do not close your pencil case too loudly. I understand, we are living in close quarters here and respecting each other’s space means cultivating silence. At the same time, sometimes I want to disturb that peace. I want to whistle in the hallway or tap dance in the classroom or fart really loudly in the teacher’s room. Nothing too horrible, just enough to startle people out of this odd belief that we can control…


I worked seven days this past week, most of them exceeding eleven hours. We had a school event, the annual music concert, and so it was exceptional. And today, oh today, is a day off. Weekdays off are my absolute favorite. Because I have always been a full-time worker, the weekdays are a blur of pushing the kids out the door, getting myself out the door, bicycling hard in heels to work, teaching and doing misc. school duties, then bicycling home to get the evening chores taken care of, the kids tucked in and read to, and going for a…


The joy of waking up and having nowhere you need to go. And knowing that you have another day off after the one you are just starting. Another day that holds no demands, just that you finish some projects and start some others. Like teaching myself how to make simple animations so I can animate a dream or a story. (This is really just me mucking around…) Or starting a subscription story project where I send subscribers a new short story on the 30th of every month. I did get some of the zines bound but as I was doing…


This week has been a creative wash and I just have to allow it to be that way. Working more than thirteen hours yesterday, I rode home thinking of all the things I should be working on. I try not to dwell as that can lead to anxiety. All the same, here are some projects I am working on that will not be touched until this day is over: making this new type of resin necklace using multiple ovals, chained together sewing the pockets I cut out weeks ago getting material and sewing the fanny packs that I found a…


This morning, I went out early for breakfast and bento goods and took the camera along. It was bright already at 5 am but the streets were relatively deserted. I passed trucks waiting to deliver goods to the grocery store, elderly couples out in matching track suits, swinging their arms twice as fast as their legs were going. I stood beneath a tsubame’s nest and watched the parents dive into the river and return to the little mud cone that held six chicks with big triangular mouths that gaped into a wide diamonds when the parents called out to them….


A full weekend this week. My hands are flecked with dry clay. Later, downtown for some supplies. For the first time in years, I am making some moulds and pouring some resin. For the first time in years, I am sewing. For the first time in forever, I am making things without worrying about what I am making. This round of production has a good purpose and that is enough to get me rolling.