I was at work for too long today. I did speak with my coworker about his condition. And he had all sorts of questions for me. Like how did I distinguish the physical reality from the imagined reality. He said, because the only reality I have ever seen is this, which just made me very […]



This morning, I went out early for breakfast and bento goods and took the camera along. It was bright already at 5 am but the streets were relatively deserted. I passed trucks waiting to deliver goods to the grocery store, elderly couples out in matching track suits, swinging their arms twice as fast as their […]



The light is perfect right now in the evenings as I ride my bike home. It stays bright until a little after seven, undermining the power of clocks. Block after block, the smells of night rising, of summer rising: curry and garlic, incense, roses and jasmine. I have been too busy at night with a […]